Fillers Treatment In Goregaon, Mumbai

As our face ages, it may lose volume from cheeks, undereyes and causes us to have the dull tired look. The younger the face, the skin is firmer and has more defined contours. The young face is more V Shaped. As we age the cheeks loose their volume and skin downward and the face wider at the bottom. The signs of ageing become more visible.

There are various fillers which help acheive this. They can fill the space, help lift sagging tissue and some help only in hydration.

The different companies offer hyaluronic acid in various strength of crosslinking depending on what the filler is used to acheive - fill, lift or hydrate.

The amount of fillers required varies for different people and is advised after a detailed assesment.

Fillers helps to :

  • Enhance the lip, cheek, chin
  • Define the Jawline
  • Can restore the fullness of the face and help reduce the deep wrinkles
  • Elevate the bridge / Fill in a depression
  • Liquid Facelift